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The Art of Living for Women is a series of seminars on the art of creating a home that fosters human flourishing. 


We believe that work in the home has a universal value that is founded on these stable realities:

The human person is composed of body and soul, matter and spirit.
Marriage is the foundation of the family.
Family is the foundation of society.
All work is service, and people learn to serve in the home.

We believe the home is both a physical space and a spiritual reality.

The home provides an environment where people develop and mature humanly and spiritually.
The home teaches through the material order and beauty of its walls, floors, bedrooms, and table settings.
The home is a place where one’s individuality is nurtured and loved, and where one learns to work and care for others.

We believe that women play a vital and unique role within and from their homes.

Whether married or single, with or without children, living alone or with others, women have a special capacity and intuition to provide for the basic needs of others: food, shelter, clothing, health, unconditional love, a sense of belonging and security. Housework, far from being an obstacle to a woman’s development, can be enriching and fulfilling.

We believe that the work of the home is true professional work, and requires professional preparation.

In the past women have fought hard for the freedom to be in the public square and to work in professions such as business, government, science, technology and engineering. These have been welcome and necessary achievements. We likewise believe that the work of the home is true professional work, which needs to be justly recognized, compensated and esteemed by women themselves, as well as by their families and society at large.